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Tim Anderson
Managing Director, FTI Technology
Nancy Dupre Barnes, Ph.D., CRM, CA
Ana Rosa Blue, M.L.S.
David Cohen
Sarah Demb
Lewis Eisen
Principal, Perfect Policies
Uta Fox, CRM, FAI
Manager, Records and Information, Records & Information Management Section at Calgary Police Service
Stan Garfield
Jeff Hutchings
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Nick Inglis
Executive Director of Content & Programming, ARMA International
Marc Kosciejew
University of Malta
Dave McDermott, CRM, FAI
John Montaña, J.D., FAI
Founder & Principal, Montaña and Associates
Kevin Parker
Information Architect at Holly Group
Stuart Rennie
Legislation and Law Reform Officer, The Canadian Bar Association - British Columbia Branch
William Saffady, Ph.D, FAI
James Westoby
President, e-ImageData Corporation
Charity Whan
Case Administrator, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California
Brett Wise, IGP, CRM, FIP, CIP
Judy Vasek Sitton, CRM, FAI
Senior Information Governance Analyst, Kinder Morgan, Inc.

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