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Author Guidelines

The Purpose

Every Information Management article must meet the information, educational, and intellectual needs and interests of information professionals by providing readers useful, descriptive, informative, objective, and balanced knowledge.

Contributor Qualifications

Each contributor should be sufficiently knowledgeable in and comfortable about writing an informative and objective article. Contributors are encouraged to pursue resources that interest them and are about topics that will have a wide interest among IM’s audience.

Contributor Compensation

Information Management authors give freely of their time and knowledge to the greater ARMA International community. There is no compensation provided for IM article submissions as of January 2019 (unless previously arranged). All accepted author submissions will include a contributor’s byline, short profile, and link to LinkedIn profile if desired.


All Information Management submissions are at least 350 words in length. Each draft article submitted will meet editorial standards for objectivity, balance, and clarity.

For “In Review” book reviews, the Introduction needs to include a short, creative title that describes the nature of the item under review, and, if available, should include the author’s name or corporation, title of work, frequency of publication or conference, place of publication, name of publisher, year of publication and copyright date, ISBN or ISSN or other identifier, price of published work, and ordering information.

No articles are published anonymously except those written under the “ARMA International” brand. We do not accept anonymous submissions. Following the body of the review and flush right appears the contributor’s name, any honorifics, and affiliation (e.g.: John R. Jones, CRM, ZooStor, Inc.).

Submission As Agreement

Submission of an article to Information Management forms an agreement between Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc., hereafter, referred to as “ARMA International” and the contributor, hereafter, referred to as “author,” and is as follows:

1. Compensation. There is no compensation provided for submission and any future compensation for article is waived.
2. Rejection of Article. ARMA International reserves the right to reject the Article at any time if, in ARMA International’s sole discretion, it does not meet ARMA International’s standards of quality, focus, clarity, and/or accuracy. If the Article is rejected by ARMA International, ARMA International will have no rights in or with respect to the Article.
3. ARMA International Ownership of Article. For the purposes of copyright, ARMA International shall be considered the author of the Article and shall own all the rights in and to the copyright of the Article. ARMA International shall have the sole and exclusive right throughout the universe in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all or any part of the Article and all or any part of any material contained therein or prepared therefor, whether or not used therein, in any format or version, by any means and in any media, whether now known or hereafter developed. To the extent that the Article or any materials contained therein or prepared therefor or the copyrights therein do not vest in ARMA International by reason of same being a work made for hire, Author hereby grants, assigns, and transfers to ARMA International all rights, title, and interest in and to the Article and all materials contained therein or prepared therefor and the results and proceeds thereof to the extent that Author has had or will have any right, title or interest therein.
4. Representations and Warranties of Author. Author represents and warrants that Author is the sole author of the Article; that Author has the full right, power, and authority to grant the rights specified herein, that the Article contains no matter which is libelous or which infringes any proprietary, personal, or intellectual property rights of any person, including, but not limited to, any rights of privacy and any copyright or trade secret rights. Author further represents and warrants that Author has fully disclosed to ARMA International any business affiliation, employer or employee relationship, or other any situation that might give rise to a conflict of interest. Author further agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold ARMA International harmless against all claims, suits, costs, damages, and expenses (including costs of suit and attorney’s fees) that ARMA International may sustain if any of the foregoing representations or warranties is incorrect.
5. Confidential Materials. Author agrees to keep confidential any information regarding ARMA International that is provided to Author, including, without limitation, information regarding ARMA International’s plans, policies, trade matters, and financial affairs. Author understands and agrees that the materials received from ARMA International represent valuable proprietary information collected by ARMA International at considerable expense and agrees not to utilize information derived from ARMA International publications without express written permission of ARMA International; provided, however, that the obligations of Author under this Section 5 shall not apply where the information is already known to Author other than through disclosure by ARMA International, is now or becomes publicly available, except as a result of actions by Author, or is hereafter obtained in good faith by Author from a third party, unless such third party is bound by an obligation of confidentiality or non-disclosure with respect to such information.

Submission Procedures

Articles must be submitted by form below. Do not use this form for authoring (paste your article into form after completion). Please save your file before submission.