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2019 ARMA-AIEF Special Edition

IM Volume 53, Issue 5

Top Articles included in this edition:

  • Introducing the ARMA-AIEF Special Edition by Nick Inglis & Donald Force
  • Retention of Accounting Records: A Global Survey of Laws and Regulations by William Saffady
  • AI, Records, and Accountability by Norman Mooradian
  • Blockchain Technology and Recordkeeping by Danielle Batista, Darra Hofman, Alysha Joo, and Victoria Lemieux
  • Industry in One: Financial Services by Anna Lebedeva
  • Documentation Theory for Information Governance by Marc Kosciejew

2019 Volume 3 (Jul-Sept 2019)

IM Volume 53, Issue 3

Articles included in this edition:

  • Concerns Over FaceApp Remind Us That Users May Not Fathom the Permissions They Grant Apps
  • Sorting Through the Whirlwind of News on the Proposed Equifax Settlement and Capital One Breach
  • Managing Legacy Paper Files in the Digital Era
  • Will Google Play Fair in the ‘Privacy Sandbox?’
  • New Cohasset/ARMA Benchmarking Report Says ‘We Aren’t There Yet’
  • Eisen’s Book on Rule-Writing Delivers on its ‘How-To’ Promises
  • Can Information Management Policies Be Both Clear and Concise?
  • Sponsored Content: Microfilm in The Digital World

2019 Volume 2 (Apr-Jun 2019)

IM Volume 53, Issue 2

Top Articles included in this edition:

  • How to Break the Mold of Negativity Around IM Policies by Lewis Eisen
  • Mind Tools for Managers: A Crash Course in Effective Management Skills by Charity Whan
  • Establishing a Collaboration Process to Bolster Knowledge Management by Stan Garfield
  • A Pair of Foundational Concepts by Nick Inglis
  • Goals of New Canadian Digital Charter Include Assuring Privacy, Eradicating Hate Online by Jeff Whited
  • ARMA Q and A: GDPR Regulations and Electronic Records by Stuart Rennie
  • Why Are Businesses Opting for Edge, AI, and IoT – and Are They Wise to Do So? by Jeff Whited

2019 Volume 1 (Jan-Mar 2019)

IM Volume 53, Issue 1

Top Articles included in this edition:

  • Migrating Legacy Records – A Case Study by Uta Fox (2018-2019 Britt Literary Award Winner)
  • ‘Alexa, Fix My Records!’ A Look at AI in the Information Profession by Jeff Hutchings
  • Beyond Compliance: Eight Steps for Using Privacy by Design to Develop a Privacy Program by Else Khoury
  • Master Leader or Master Servant by Dave McDermott
  • Stuck in Rewind? Dynamic E-Discovery for Cloud Data by Tim Anderson
  • Why Information Architecture is Vital to Information Governance by Kevin Parker