Defensible Disposition Program: Article One—Let’s get down to Basics

For as long as there has been communication and work, there has been a means of documenting and tracking it. Sales receipts, pay stubs, tax documents, letters, memoranda, and beyond all have value at one time or another. Sometimes, those records need...

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Which Records Should We Retain in Paper? A Global Guide to Media, Location, and Transfer Compliance

Just tell me which records we must retain in paper! This is a common frustration among records managers and information governance (IG) professionals. Those responsible for maintaining and producing records want to retain or transfer their records...

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A Pair of Foundational Concepts

The following is an excerpt from the ARMA Guide to the Information Profession. Words matter and word choices matter. In any profession that is looking to move forward in maturity, there are often vernacular issues that make gaining a comprehensive...

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