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IG Exec Has Learned From Failures, Says IG Success Requires C-Suite Presence

Aaron Bryant, chief IG officer at the Washington State Department of Health, recently provided with an account of the lessons he’s learned in his 14 years as a leader of IG programs and the keys to finding IG success. Bryant, also...

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Judge’s Ruling May Provide Clues to the Outcome of Employee’s ‘Dropbox’ Privacy Suit

Earlier this year, a judge from the Western District of Pennsylvania acted on behalf of employee privacy rights when she partially denied a public employer’s motion to dismiss a suit that accused it of violating the plaintiff’s Fourth Amendment rights. As...

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As it Nears its First Anniversary, the GDPR Gets Predictably Varied Reviews

Later this month, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will mark its one-year anniversary, and multiple news outlets are chiming in with commentary on the impact of the landmark law. Legaltechnews, for instance, reports on an IAPP...

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Mapping Document Management Processes (Leveraging an Information Lifecycle)

Information Lifecycle
(The following is an excerpt from an ARMA White Paper “Reviving Document Management: How the Knowledge and Experience of Document Management Can be Leveraged for Organizational Improvement“, sponsored by Access.) Processes...

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