New Podcast Series Focuses on the Careers of Women Leaders in Information Governance

Launched this July, The Women Leaders in Information Governance podcast series features the career stories of successful women in the IG profession. Lynn Molfetta, Information Governance Strategist | MC Bernstein Data and Katie Tall, Marketing Manager | Nyxeia are the creative force behind and builders of the series. Women leaders in IG in their own right, Molfetta and Tall designed the series to “inspire other women in similar fields to keep moving in a trajectory that shatters the glass ceiling.”

“In a profession with so many brilliant women leaders, it is great to hear a podcast that features their views and backgrounds. We all must do more to level the playing field and ensure that our profession is more inclusive — this podcast helps elevate the women at the forefront of this growing profession. I’m listening, and I think everyone else should be, too.” — Nick Inglis, Executive Director, Content & Programming | ARMA International

It is hard to believe, but the podcast is already in its seventh episode, so if you haven’t started listening, you will need to catch up. Featured speakers so far have included: Priya Keshav, CEO | Meru Data LLC; Stacey Egerton Davis, VP Business Development | FinPay, L.L.C; Darlene Rockenbaugh, former Global Records Management and Strategy (retired); Ann Snyder, Manager of Content Development | ARMA International; Vijay Laxmi, Security, Architecture, & Engineering Director, IT | Iron Mountain; Katie Tall, and Lynn Molfetta. The series highlights the important contributions made by women in the IG profession.

“As individuals and organizations rely more and more on using their ‘data’ every day, we are all more and more concerned that the information we share and use is properly managed. Women have been leaders in information governance for a long time; we just haven’t recognized the importance of what they’re doing. — Matthew Bernstein, Founder | MC Bernstein Data

During the podcast, each person was asked the same twelve questions ranging from how they got started in IG to challenges they faced to what advice they would give to their younger self. The answers are sometimes surprising, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but each podcast presents a brief look into the unique, personal, and inspiring career journey of a woman leader in the IG profession.

“This podcast is critically important on many levels, especially at this time. In the current environment, recognizing women leaders in IG and having a platform to shine a light on and share their experiences is the right thing to do and needed. Ensuring that Nyxeia acts as a leader not only in our offerings but also in forwarding social issues is also the right thing to do.” — JD Sillion, CEO | Nyxeia

Podcast episodes can be viewed on various platforms at the following links:

Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts in the series. Of note, several leaders in the ARMA community are already in the queue. These include the president of the ARMA Edmonton Chapter, Emily Speight; ARMA Regional Director of the Midwest/Rocky Mountain Region, Dynessa Nordrum; and three members of the ARMA International Board of Directors: Tyrene Bada, Michelle Kirk, and Wendy Mclain.

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