Take the IG Maturity Index Survey

There is still time to participate in the Information Governance (IG) Maturity Index Project.

Does your organization have the necessary elements in place to implement a successful information governance (IG) program?

Is your organization leading or falling behind others in your industry?

Are there gaps in your IG program?

Find out by completing a short survey and help us build the IG Maturity Index. (The survey has eight substantive questions plus a few on demographics. Estimated time to complete it is less than 15 minutes.)

ARMA International joined forces with NetGovern and Osterman Research to launch the IG Maturity Index Project at ARMA InfoCon 2019. The IG Maturity Index aligns with ARMA’s Information Governance Implementation Model (IGIM) which offers a functional approach to IG, exploring the elements that should be in place in seven key areas necessary to implementing a successful IG program. The IG Maturity Index will serve as a year-over-year benchmark and industry standard of IG maturity with respect to these areas and overall IG program maturity.

How will participating help you?

  • By completing this survey, you are helping to create the IG Maturity Index for use in assessing your organization’s IG program maturity.
  • Survey results will be reported and will include infographics of the results, which you can use in internal presentations to show how your IG program compares and to support steps to close existing gaps.

You won’t walk away simply knowing how your IG program stacks up. Our goal is to empower you with the training, tools, and other resources you need to implement and improve your IG program in each of these seven targeted areas aligned with the IGIM.

The survey will remain open through the end of 2019. The IG Maturity Index and graphics will be published in early 2020.

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