Dropbox Buys Hello Sign, Adds its Coveted Workflow Capabilities

Dropbox has announced its acquisition of HelloSign, an organization that provides document workflow and e-signature services.

Whitney Bouck, COO of HelloSign, told ARMA International that the company is “thrilled to be joining the Dropbox family.” She said, “With so many similarities between our products, business models, and cultures, it’s a natural fit. This move will accelerate our mission to give customers a better way to get work done.”

Quentin Clark, Dropbox’s senior vice president of engineering, told TechCrunch that the workflow capabilities were integral to the acquisition:

“What is unique about HelloSign is that the investment they’ve made in APIs and the workflow products is really so aligned with our long term direction. It’s not just a thing to do one more activity with Dropbox, it’s really going to help us pursue that broader vision.”

That vision, as noted by TechCrunch, involves extending the storage capabilities that are at the core of the Dropbox solution.