• Can Information Management Policies Be Both Clear and Concise?

    Lewis Eisen

    Most information management (IM) professionals would agree that well-written policies are clear and concise. Too often, though, the policies are “dumbed down” because someone is afraid that maybe, somewhere, some individual in the organization might not be familiar with one of the technical words used in the policy. The logic is that if one person doesn’t understand the policy as worded, that lack of understanding would be a terrible thing.

  • Will Google Play Fair in the ‘Privacy Sandbox?’

    Jeff Whited

    On August 22, Justin Schuh, a director on Google’s Chrome Engineering team, introduced the company’s plans for a “privacy sandbox,” a colorful title for its initiative that purports to strengthen web privacy.

  • How to Break the Mold of Negativity Around IM Policies

    How to Break the Mold of Negativity Around IM Policies

    Lewis Eisen

    Most people associate IM policies with notions like requirements and restrictions. Those connotations are unfortunate because that’s not what writing rules is about.

    Written properly, rules are primarily about getting clarity and about target setting. No matter what the field — IM, IT, Security — rules are about helping people do the right thing.

  • Alexa, Fix My Records (Amazon Alexa device on a counter)

    ‘Alexa, Fix My Records!’ A Look at AI in the Information Profession

    Jeff Hutchings
    Given the fact that Artificial Intelligence is emerging virtually everywhere, especially in the technology we use every day in our work and play, it’s not surprising then that the information profession is also undergoing some radical changes and adjustments due to AI.
  • Migrating Legacy Records - Woman Carrying Box

    Migrating Legacy Records – a Case Study

    Uta Fox, CRM, FAI
    Organizations that maintain electronic records systems may at some point need to undertake either a records conversion or migration to address software obsolescence. This article discusses how the Calgary Police Service’s (CPS) records and information management (RIM) and information technology (IT) teams collaborated to ensure that nearly four million criminal case file records stored in its legacy system – a system used for more than 40 years – were successfully migrated to a new, off-the-shelf records management system (RMS).
  • Why Information Architecture is Vital to Information Governance - Hand Over Blueprint Chart image

    Why Information Architecture is Vital to Information Governance

    Kevin Parker
    Whether you are migrating petabytes of content from an obsolete enterprise content management (ECM) platform to a modern content management system (CMS) or just looking to make your intranet less awful, it’s time to get started with information architecture (IA).
  • Stuck in Rewind? Dynamic E-Discovery for Cloud Data

    Tim Anderson
    An array of new cloud-based digital sources has emerged across the corporate landscape: chat tools, collaboration platforms, cloud productivity suites, and more. Programs like Slack, Office 365, and Salesforce bring many new and exotic challenges to corporations trying to organize, control, and produce data from these programs, and e-discovery can be particularly daunting when wrestling with the unique characteristics of this data.
  • Master Leader or Master Servant?

    Dave McDermott, CRM, FAI
    Starting with his role as a team captain on the football field, Dave McDermott set out to become a good leader. From that experience, his father, workplace mentors, and an enlightening book he learned that a successful leader has to serve those he is leading, being willing to “pick up a broom and sweep floors right along the side of the people he or she is responsible for.”
  • Lost In The Clouds: Liability For Personal Information Breaches

    John C. Montaña, J.D., FAI
    This article summarizes several U.S. Court decisions regarding liability in breaches of personal information collected by third-party service providers on the behalf of other organizations. This is just one aspect of a study of information management-related cases that was solicited by the ARMA International Educational Foundation and underwritten by the ARMA Metro New York City Chapter.

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